Commercial Solar Providers for Fayetteville, North Carolina

technician installing commercial solar panels

If your business or community needs uninterrupted access to electricity, you should create a plan for energy resiliency and private microgrids.

Fayetteville Solar Rising is a premier solar energy contractor specializing in commercial solutions. The creativity and expertise our team brings to each project generate greater value from your solar investment and offer a differentiated customer experience.

Don’t take risks using inexperienced installers for your commercial projects!

Fayetteville Solar Rising is a full-service commercial solar provider with an experienced team that will make transitioning to solar easy. From small businesses to large corporations, nonprofits to residential, we have provided solar solutions for all types of clients.

Reduce Operating Costs with Solar Energy

Tired of seeing profits disappear to pay your company’s energy bills? Install solar panels for your business to reduce operating costs and invest the savings back into your business. With commercial solar energy, you will see your fixed Levelized Cost of Energy remain low – while your profits grow larger. Even when traditional energy costs rise! Additionally, our reliable solar energy systems are backed by warranties that guarantee solar savings far into the future.

Rebates and Incentives for Commercial Solar Projects

With possible rebates from organizations like your utility provider and the state or federal government, your business will save up to 30-60% on the cost of installing solar panels. Plus, net metering allows buyers to sell overproduction back to their utility company.

Stand Out Against the Competition

The modern consumer wants to purchase from businesses that have strong ethics. A solar panel installation showcases your company as a green organization dedicated to the environment. Engage us at Fayetteville Solar Rising today in order to join the long list of other local businesses who have switched to solar energy. We stand ready to serve you: 910-348-7934 .

Commercial Rooftop Solar

Solar panels are taking over the commercial landscape with streamlined installation methods that don’t require a new roof and prices that make it an attractive choice. Put that empty space on your roof to good use with an installation of long-lasting solar panels.

Solar Carports

If you’re looking to give customers and employees shaded, protected parking, call us today to learn about solar carports. All aspects of the carport, including the frame, supports, and foundation qualify for the tax credit. Electric chargers can be installed here as well.


The largest financial incentives available for solar energy (and storage) is the 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). The MACRS generally amounts to an equivalent 18% off the system cost by providing accelerated, 5-year depreciation on top of the federal tax credit.

For the right applications, building owners can see return on investments in under 5 years, and doubling their initial investment in under 20; well before the useful life of the system is over.


Zero down, multi-year financing is available for commercial energy conservation measures in North Carolina that include solar panels, EV charging stations, battery storage systems or other green technologies. The beauty of these types of loans is that they end up saving more in energy costs than the loan payments. This not only prevents a dip in cash flow but also increases property values as well.