Installation Services for Solar Patio Covers, Carports, Gazebos & Pergolas

solar panels installed on pergola

Fayetteville Solar Rising is a reliable company providing solar solutions that will save you money for decades.

Our knowledgeable and friendly specialists have helped hundreds of homeowners throughout Fayetteville make the switch to solar energy. Come see how easy it is to switch your home or business to Solar energy!

Solar patio covers, gazebos, pergolas, and carports can be a great solution for homes that do not have an ideal roof or for those concerned about curb appeal. And they aren’t just for residences; restaurants, cafes, and other commercial properties with outdoor seating space are our perfect fit. They provide comfort to their guests as well as a source of power that decreases operating costs.

How We Can Help!

We are the premier solar energy installation contractor based in Fayetteville, TX. We have license, bond and insurance coverage. We provide a wide range of solar services including design and installation of pergolas, gazebos, shades, and patio cover– in addition to traditional roof-mounted systems. Call us right now to request your free quote on our solar panel services.

Roof Top Solar vs. Standalone Structure

If you have a rooftop that is not being used to the fullest potential, then installing solar panels on it is an option. Additionally, a well-designed roof is made to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, so installing solar panels makes sense. The suitability of a rooftop solar panel installation is dependent on multiple factors, including the pitch, orientation, configuration and size of the roof.

If you do not wish to have solar panels mounted on your existing roof, you can construct a custom solar system on a patio, pergola, gazebo or carport with good sun exposure. It has the added benefit of providing shade for you and your visitors, as well as generating power with solar panels. All of our buildings are constructed with engineering and custom care to withstand high winds.

Solar Installations on Existing Structures

Installing solar panels not only saves homeowners and business owners money on their electric bill, but it can help increase the value of your home or property. This service also benefits the planet. By helping to reduce atmospheric pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions, this option is good for everyone. To increase your home’s value you should consider adding solar panels to your existing structures such as a patio.

Therefore, we also offer the installation of home solar systems on existing structures to those in the Fayetteville area. We offer a free service quote on all solar panel installation services with a call to our office. You can schedule a home visit to discuss your solar installation service needs with our specialists. Contact us now at 910-348-7934 to learn more about our services and we will be glad to help.