Why Invest in a Solar Power System?

What are the Benefits for my Family or Company?

technician testing solar panels on roof

Sunshine is a natural resource that is accessible throughout the state of North Carolina. Our state enjoys excellent levels of solar irradiance, high electric costs, the 26% federal tax credit (2021), and buy-back credits – so you can be sure Texans are getting a great return on their investments.

The cost of solar panels has dropped a whopping 80% in the past decade. In 2021 these projects still benefit from a 26% federal tax credit and buy-back credits through some of the major utility companies, making them an excellent investment with a solid return on investment.

How We Can Help!

Our team is a licensed, insured solar panel installation contractor. We can help you reap many benefits from installing solar panels in your Conroe home., including:

  1. Lower your Consumption of Fossil Fuels through this Renewable Energy Source
  2. Take advantage of Government Tax Incentives
  3. Reduce your Energy Costs, Raise your Property Value
  4. Decrease your Energy Dependence

We provide a variety of solar installation services so that you can get everything in one place. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation on our solar panel installation services.

1. Lower your Consumption of Fossil Fuels through this Renewable Energy Source

Reduce your fossil fuels consumption by switching to an alternative energy source.  North Carolinians are well-aware of the impact our climate can have. The sun offers a clean and abundant source of energy with no emissions. Solar panels make your home more sustainable by lowering its carbon footprint. Installing solar panels is an investment in a clean, stable environment for yourself and your family for future generations to enjoy.

2. Take Advantage of Government Tax Incentives

A government incentive program allows you to reduce the full cost of installing your solar panel system by 26% from your tax bill. That means if your photovoltaic power system costs $15,000, $3,900 of the cost can be written off from your federal taxes. If your deduction is less than the full amount of taxes you owe, you can carry some of this difference forward to use it in the following year.

3. Lower your Energy Bills and Raise your Property Value

Your solar panel system should produce the majority of your home’s energy needs, which will either result in extremely low or nonexistent bill amounts. Residents of North Carolina, where the prevailing weather is often sunny and clear, can save on their energy bills by installing residential solar panels.

Plus, with universal statistics showing that home buyers in North Carolina are consistently willing to pay sooner and more for homes with solar energy systems installed, you can be confident that your investment will increase the value of your property.

4. Decrease your Dependence on Commercial Energy

By powering your home with solar power, you will effectively become a utility company. You will no longer have to pay a power company for electricity and utilities. Your new solar battery backup plan will enable you to avoid increasing rates and power outages.

As you see, there is a lot of good reasons to invest in solar energy for your home. To get a free service quote on our solar panel installation services, contact us today at 910-348-7934 . Our contractor team is ready to visit with you to discuss your specific needs and goals. Our priority is to serve you. So contact us right now to learn more about our services.